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My name is Gina Paola Blasquez Barbosa.

I have 15 years born on September 20, 1997in the cord. ISIDORO study

Course in grade 11 and I want to be Ingeniera civil

Pulsa para ver la página de yo Pulsa para ver mi mascota Pulsa para conocer a mi mama Pulsa para conocer a mi hermana

In this family we appear l my all, is made up of my mother

My mother(martha barbosa vanegas).

My sister (Gina Paola Blasquez Barbosa).

My brother (Andres Fernando Mur Barbosa).

My dog (Rocky).

>My dog as you can see is a beautiful dog named Rocky has,

3 years and his mommy pincher breed called niño

And rest in peace dad

My dog and I played a lot, so I have 2 months ago

He is very affectionate with the family

I love him very much because it is very tender

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My friend is very great she makes me laugh a lot

Know I can count on her through thick and thin

Disappointed and I never think she is the best

Because I use mytimebeing on the computer

As there listen to music, I'm in social networks and online game

There I relax, because I feel that I leave the daily routine

Ant to make a curse of English

After something major in accounting;

fulfill my dream of becoming a civilengineer engineer.

This is the inside of the Central UniversityUniversity of Bogota

There is where I make the cuerso of English, and the race will

Study civil engineering i love the rendering and attention to people.

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Sin animo de lucro no tiene otro fin que aprender

A utilizar el lenguaje HTML cualquier infraccion

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